Presidential Palace to hold presidential car and archive exhibition

Press conference on the 2022 Independence Day celebrations. (Source: Kemensetneg public relations bureau)

Jakarta, IO – The Presidential Palace will hold a special exhibition showcasing presidential cars in Sarinah, Central Jakarta, from August 13-22 to celebrate the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence.

State Secretariat secretary Setya Utama said the exhibition, themed “Indonesia Menjawab” is open to the general public.

“There will also be presidential car exhibition in the courtyard and roof top of the Sarinah parking lot. This will be interesting because the cars have been used by our seven presidents,” said Setya, as reported by Antara, Monday (1/8).

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The exhibition will also feature state archives in the form of photographs, videos and documents that the public has never seen before. He said the archives show how Indonesian presidents answer the challenges during their respective tenures.

“The public can see the challenges faced by President Soekarno in uniting the entire nation to achieve independence, to the challenges of the global crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic that President Joko Widodo is facing,” he said. (un)