President Jokowi: “Strengthen implementation of Pancasila in daily lives”

President Jokowi leading the Pancasila Conception Day 2021 Ceremony from Bogor Presidential Palace, Tuesday (01/06/2021). (Photo: Biro Pers Istana)

IO – President RI Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has declared that the commemoration of the Pancasila Conception Day is the perfect moment to strengthen the implementation of Pancasila values in our daily lives as a State and a nation. “We really must use the commemoration of Pancasila Conception Day each 1 June to solidify the values of Pancasila in our daily lives as a community, as a State, and as a nation,” he said in his address during the Pancasila Conception Day 2021 Ceremony, held virtually from the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, on Tuesday (01/06/2021). 

The President went on to say that even though Pancasila has been part of the national living of Indonesia since our country’s inception, the challenges facing Pancasila as an ideology get no lighter by the ages. If anything, it gets even harder as time and progress go by. “Globalization in terms of interactions between the world’s hemispheres does not immediately bring about a similarity of views, let alone unity. On the contrary, we need to be wary of increased rivalry and competition, including rivalries between views, values, and ideologies,” he said. 

Transnational ideologies are on the rise. They slip into the various nooks and crannies of community living using various means and strategies. The development of science and technology also affects the landscape for ideological contests. “The 4.0 Industrial Revolution further influence the scene by providing various conveniences for large-scale, transnational dialogs, interactions, and organizing. When 5G connectivity goes global, it is getting easier, faster, and cheaper to interact with anyone in the world. Such convenience can also be used by radical transnational ideologues to sneak in their reaches throughout Indonesia, to any group, any gender, and any age, without concern of time or place. The speed of radical transnational ideology expansion easily exceeds normal standards when people make use of this technological disruption,” he warns. 

In order to face this set of new challenges, “Implementing the values of Pancasila more expansively and intensively cannot make use of ordinary means. We need new extraordinary means, we need to make use of the latest developments in science and technology, especially the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. On the other hand, Pancasila must also serve as the foundation when developing science and technology based on the Indonesian spirit,” he said. “Therefore, I invite all Government officials, religious figures, community figures, educators, professionals, young Indonesians, all Indonesian citizens in short, to unite and to actively move to strengthen the values of Pancasila in order to bring the dream of Advanced Indonesia that we dream of into reality. Happy Pancasila Conception Day. Let us all bring Pancasila down to Earth in our daily lives as a community, a State, and a nation.” 

The commemoration ceremony was centered in the yard of the Pancasila Building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jakarta, with members of the Indonesian Armed Force, Indonesian Police, health workers, and students acting out the Ceremony with due implementation of health protocols. The Commemoration was virtually attended by Heads of non-Ministry Government agencies, Ministers of the Indonesia Onward Cabinet, as well as several Regional Heads. President Jokowi acted as Inspector in the Ceremony in the virtual Pancasila Conception Day 2021 Ceremony from Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java. This year, the President wore the traditional ceremonial costume from Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan. (Ekawati)