President Jokowi promises swift emergency response to Mount Semeru eruption

President Jokowi
President Jokowi inspected areas affected by Mount Semeru eruption in Lumajang Regency, East Java, Tuesday (12/7/2021). Photo: SETKAB.GO.ID

IO – President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo inspected areas affected by the eruption of Mount Semeru in Lumajang Regency, East Java, and checked with emergency management, Tuesday (12/7/2021).

“This morning, I came to the location to ensure that all resources on the ground are mobilized to search for victims, evacuate local people and also look after the evacuees. We also observed the planning for reconstruction of infrastructure damaged by the Mount Semeru eruption,” said President Jokowi in a press statement.

In his visit, the President also inspected evacuation shelters located in the Sumberwuluh village. He was seen greeting children and giving aid to families of those who perished in the eruption. Jokowi also visited the public kitchens and healthcare facilities.

“I wanted to ensure that matters related to the evacuees, such as food, healthcare and running water, are handled well in the evacuation shelters. I think the condition is starting to improve,” Jokowi said.

Jokowi said the government would set up residential areas to relocate people affected by the eruption once the situation improves. “I received a report that approximately 2,000 houses have to be relocated,” he said. For now, the government is concentrating on treating the injured and looking for missing victims.

Jokowi also inspected infrastructure affected by the eruption, such as Besuk Koboan Bridge or Gladak Perak Bridge located in Candipuro District, on the Malang-Lumajang arterial road. The 192-meter long and 9.6-meter wide bridge collapsed in the eruption.

“We hope that after things improve, we can start infrastructure reconstruction and the possibility of relocation from areas too dangerous to be inhabited,” he said.

Jokowi also expressed his condolences for the victims who died in Semeru eruption. “On behalf of the Government and Indonesian people, I express my deepest condolences for the victims who died as a result of Mount Semeru eruption in Lumajang Regency, East Java,” the President said. (eka)