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President Jokowi: “Law enforcers to maintain integrity”


IO – President Joko Widodo has reiterated that the Attorney General’s Office is the frontline institution in law enforcement, in the prevention and eradication of corruption, and naturally in helping to ensure the success of national development. The Attorney General’s Office is the “face” of the Government, the “face” of Indonesia’s legal certainty in the eyes of both its people and the international world. Without a clean and reliable Attorney General’s Office, a huge part of our national development’s foundation will be brittle as well. 

“Public trust in law enforcement agencies must be constant. The integrity and professionalism of State Attorneys are a must. Monitoring and enforcement of internal discipline must be constantly strengthened. The Attorney General’s Office must be clean. I repeat, the Attorney General’s Office must be clean. It must be able to serve as the role model of professional law enforcers with strong integrity,” Jokowi stated in the 2020 Virtual Work Meeting with the Attorney General’s Office on Monday (14/12/2020). 

Attorney General of RI, S. T. Burhanuddin stated that the Work Meeting is a forum for evaluating the performance of the Attorney General’s Office in 2020 and for formulating the direction of its strategic policies in 2021. “The 2020 Attorney General’s Office Work Meeting was held virtually and in full compliance with health protocols. It was attended by 4,386 members of the Adhyaksa or Justice Officials – the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Echelon representatives were all present,” he said. 

The President went on to declare that the internal affairs of the Attorney General’s Office must be transformed from end to end, and the effectiveness of its relations with other law enforcement agencies must be constantly increased. Recruitment and promotions must be performed openly, transparently, and based on merit. The integrity, nationalist vision, and readiness of State Attorneys to face any legal problems in the future must be prioritized. Therefore, we must prioritize the capacities of Attorney General’s Office’s HR that are relevant to Industrial Revolution 4.0. 

“We need to constantly improve the efficiency and transparency of our judicial working system. Slow manual methods, corruption-prone manual methods, all of these must be left behind. I appreciate, I welcome the development of an integrated, information technology-based criminal case processing system being developed by the Attorney General’s Office. Especially since the system is synergized with the Coordinating Ministry of Political, Legal, and Security Affairs; with the Police; with Correctional Facilities; with the Common Courts. This is good. However, it is important that we keep the data and technology in law enforcement updated,” the President said. 

President Jokowi also emphasizes the importance of effective internal monitoring to ensure professional behavior of Attorney General’s Office HR. Case processing must be directed towards correcting the perpetrator’s errors, to correct them, and to provide relief and restitution to the victims. Corruption processing must also be able to increase the return of assets generated by crimes to the State. “Mr. Attorney General has stated earlier that we have recovered about IDR 19 trillion in assets. This is a great amount and can naturally be used for further corruption eradication efforts,” he said. 

As a holder of Government power, the Attorney General’s Office must also work hard to stand up for the interests of the State, including saving State assets. “However, law enforcement should not cause any fear that can obstruct the speed and effectiveness of development. Monitoring must be directed towards the acceleration of national development, especially in terms of using the State Budget quickly and decisively in the interest of the people, to take our country, Indonesia, out of its current health and economic crisis,” Jokowi said. 

Jokowi further requests the commitment of our judicial system to resolve past human right violations. He believes that the Attorney General’s Office is a key player in redeeming our past. “Concrete progress in the effort to resolve past human rights violations need to appear soon. Effective cooperation with relevant parties, especially with the National Commission on Human Rights, is necessary. We must also improve our anticipatory plans towards future challenges. The Attorney General’s Office must perform early detection of various possible crimes in the future. It must serve its part in preventing and stopping any and all crimes against the security of the State, such as terrorism, money laundering, human trafficking, and other crimes that affect the welfare and economy of the State,” he said. (dan)


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