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President Jokowi buys clothes designed by students during visit to Jambi


Jakarta, IO – President Joko Widodo conducted a working visit to Jambi province, Tuesday (16/5). Apart from stopping at several places, Jokowi also visited vocational high school SMK Negeri 4 Jambi City and ordered clothes made by fashion design students.

SMK 4 Jambi offers programs in culinary, hospitality, fashion, beauty and spa. Jokowi observed the students learning practical skills through hands-on trainings.

When meeting students majoring in culinary arts, the president asked the students whether they are interested in establishing their own bakery business. Almost in unison all students answered yes

The president also praised the adequate equipment and the way students work in making cakes.  Before leaving the room, a grade 11 student, Saskia, asked for a selfie with the president.

When interacting with fashion design students, the president praised the skills of the students in designing dresses.

Two students were asked to take the measurements of the president. Both seemed a bit nervous. “Make one first, then send it to the Palace. If it fits, I will order again,” said the President.

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“This is money to buy the materials,” added the President handing when giving the student an envelope.

After walking around the school for 45 minutes, the president left to continue his working visit programs. (rr)


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