President Joko Widodo launches Digital Connectivity 2021 Program

President Joko Widodo. (Photo: Biro Pers Istana)

IO – President RI Joko Widodo (“Jokowi”) officially launched Digital Connectivity 2021 Program and the COVID-19 National Vaccination Movement postal stamp series at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, on Friday (26/02/2021). In his address, the President stated that in order to bring national connectivity into reality, the Government needs to establish not only physical connectivity, but also digital connectivity throughout the Homeland. “The Government has worked hard to establish our national connectivity. We have constructed marine highways, railway networks, land highways, border roads, airports, seaports. We also established digital connectivity that connects all corners of the Archipelago through the ‘sky highway’,” he explained.

Connectivity is established not simply for economic purposes, but it is primarily meant to strengthen the unity and integrity of Indonesia as a great nation. “It is also meant to unite our huge, islanded country, to accelerate educational services, to support the synergy of the Archipelago’s culture,” he added.

The President further expressed his appreciation of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics for having implemented various programs to develop digital connectivity and talent, including providing Government-owned multi-functional satellite (the Satria); constructing telecommunication towers all the way in the frontmost, outermost, and underdeveloped areas; establishing digital talent scholarship programs; and establishing the National Digital Literacy Movement.

However, the President notes that the utilization of the Palapa Ring must be increased, especially in the Central and Eastern parts of Indonesia. “I have requested the Minister of Communication and Informatics to ensure that the Palapa Ring does not end just as the backbone of our (Governmental) communication. On the contrary, it must connect all of Indonesia down to household level in order to ensure that our citizens actually enjoy the great investments we made in the Palapa Ring. This communication network is actually essential during this pandemic,” he said.

The President believes that our citizens really need all of the benefits conferred by all these efforts, especially during the pandemic. Digital transformation is the rapid and strategic solution to Indonesia’s development issues. However, it must also ensure our country’s digital sovereignty and independence. Such digital transformations must encourage the implementation of Domestic Content (Tingkat Komponen Dalam Negeri – “TKDN”), increase the use of domestic products, and encourage all of our citizens to use the latest digital technologies to the optimum. “I hope that the start of the Digital Connectivity 2021 Program serves as important momentum that can connect Indonesians to global technologies, thought patterns and business opportunities, and with our new future as Advanced Indonesia,” he said. (eka)