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Precise medication – the future of medical service


Jakarta, IO – As technology develops through the ages, medicine also evolves, as we enter new eras. In the future, we will enter an era of precise medication, wherein medical services are specifically provided to patients, according to their diagnoses and prognoses: genetics, complaints and symptoms, conditions or complicating illness, their emotional character and habits and the influence of their surroundings. 

Such administration of medical service, assessing the combination of various specific characteristics, is expected to generate correct and optimum treatment for each patient, whether during the prevention, diagnosis, or therapy stage. dr. Dante Saksono Harbuwono, Sp. PD-KEMD, Ph.D, declared in his investiture as professor in internal diseases at the University of Indonesia Faculty of Medicine, Saturday (22/10/2022), that precise medication is possible because of rapid technological d evelo p men t, sp ecifically digitalization. 

“Technological development has allowed more frequent and routine genetic studies, as an important part of medical technology development and the administration of precise medication. The digitalization era allows us to digitally assimilate this genetic data, matching it with other characteristic data of the patient through electronic medical records. This data combination is then used as the basis for selecting treatments that are specific to each patient. In endocrinology, precise medication is applied to diabetes and various thyroid illnesses,” he stated in the “Precise Medication as the Future of Medical Service in Indonesia: Focusing on Diabetes Mellitus and Thyroid Abnormalities” lecture. 


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