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Prasetiya Mulya University – Graduates keep up with a globalized world


IO, Jakarta – The era of globalization as it is today and an Indonesia more open to foreign markets requires Indonesian graduates to understand and respond to current business challenges and demands, so that they can compete. Student and alumni potential must be supported by the University, so all can innovate and excel.

Those statements were delivered by Dr Rudy Handoko, Vice Dean of Student Affairs at Prasetiya Mulya Business School, in a fast-breaking event with media in Jakarta (23/05). Prasetiya Mulya itself, according to Rudy, aside from developing students’ theoretical capabilities, also provides facilities for them to channel creativity and innovation through well-known events, such as the Pop-Up Market, Innovation Hub, EURECA (Entrepreneur Creativity Challenge) and Art Week.

“In order to create quality graduates, students are reinforced with the values embedded within all Prasetiya Mulya academics: Caring, Humility, Achieving and Integrity,” explained Rudy.

The support provided by Prasetiya Mulya University continues to be fruitful, one aspect of which is the achievements of the Prasetiya Mulya student team who participated in the 2018 L’Oréal Brandstorm Competition. The team, Elice Tamara (Branding Student, 2014), Erica Santoso (Branding Student, 2016) and Yaafi Yulio (Branding Student, 2014) seized first place, proudly representing Indonesia on the international stage May 17 in Paris. L’Oréal Brandstorm is an innovative incubator aimed at students and provides opportunities to deeply experience L’Oreal workspace.

Elice Tamara, representative of Parstee Team, explained that this year’s L’Oreal Brandstorm competition raises the topic of ‘Invent the Professional Salon Experience of the Future’ where every team is challenged to create an innovation in the beauty parlor business that will later appeal to the Millennial generation and increase professional hair stylist loyalty by using technology-based services.

“Parstee Team presented the concept of ‘The Real Experience’ by exposing holistic service innovations at professional salons. This concept will become a solution for every hairdressing complaint, by combining aspects of digital technology that are currently developing,” said Elice.

The university’s role in guiding its graduates to be competitive is also considered important, a statement delivered by culinary entrepreneur Aji Nugroho as the founder of Branché Bistro. The alumnus of Prasetiya Mulya University revealed that the success he earned mostly came from all the knowledge he gained from his university time. For him, Prasetiya Mulya University played a role in helping him settle with an “achiever’s mentality”, develop critical thinking, leadership and the right line to start plunging into the business world.

“My interest in the business world was established since I was in high school and continues to be carried on through my college time, starting from the Business Creation courses which were successfully selected as Top Three; now I’m more motivated to go deeper into the business world,” said Aji.

Looking at student achievement and alumni success, Prasetiya Mulya University is optimistic that young people will be able to excel in the business world in Indonesia.

“With efforts and innovation through programs and activities for students, Prasetiya Mulya University hopes that in the future it will continue to send forth graduates who are achievers and innovators, ready to respond to global challenges and demands,” said Dr Rudy Handoko.

Prasetiya Mulia is comprised of Schools of Business and Economics, as well as the School of Applied STEM, which consists of a variety of courses able to accommodate students’ interest. The School of Business and Economics has eight bachelor programs (Accounting, Branding, Business, Business Economics, Event, Finance & Banking, Hospitality Business and International Business Law) and four Master’s-level programs (MM Regular, MM Business Management, MM Strategic Management and MM New Ventures Innovation) while the School of Applied STEM focuses more on engineering has six undergraduate programs (Business Mathematics, Computer Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering, Food Business Technology and Product Design Engineering). (aldo)


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