Prambanan Jazz Online cures the longing of concert enthusiasts

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Langit Sore, a duo band consisting of Arman Harjo and Kakung Triatmodjo, opened the pre-Prambanan Jazz Festival 2020 event with Jogja and Kenangan. 

Besides the opening song, the local band also performed five other tunes, namely, Muda dan Jatuh Cinta, Terpisah Jarak dan Waktu, Aku Cemburu, Senja, and Rumit. Prambanan Jazz Online presented a real concert atmosphere, although it can only be accessed online through the iKonser UseeTv channel (channel 459 SD | 949 HD), the iKonser Application, and USeeTV GO as the privilege for Prambanan Jazz Festival 2020 ticket holders, Prambanan Jazz Online can be accessed for free via live stream in UseeTV. 

Arman Harjo and Kakung Triatmodjo greet the audiences at home as if they were in a live concert before they sang the third song whose title was in accordance with current conditions, Terpisah Jarak dan Waktu. “Keep your spirits up and come sing along with us from home,” said Arman and Kakung as they tried to hype the spectators. 

The band admitted they are also impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; almost all jobs are canceled or postponed until an unspecified time, and they tried to keep moving by creating content. So being one of the performers at Prambanan Jazz Online made Langit Sore enthusiastic since they have not been publicized in a long time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “At Prambanan Jazz Online, we aim to keep the concert hype even though the audiences are home, “said Kakung. 

Frau, a jazz musician from Yogyakarta, also performed six songs in Prambanan Jazz Online. He opened his performance with I’m A Sir. The other five songs are Intensity, Intimately, Mesin Penenun Hujan, Negentropy 5 In E Major, Sepasang Kekasih yang Pertama Bercinta di Luar Angkasa, and concluded her performance with a song titled Arah. “I am happy to be involved in Prambanan Jazz Online because this event is also meant to raise donations for friends of event workers,” Lani said. 

Rio Febrian became the closing artist of Prambanan Jazz Online. A series of hits were sung in this virtual music concert, Tiada Kata Berpisah, Jenuh, Hanya Hatiku yang Mampu, Ku Ada di Sini, Bukan Untukku, Aku Bertahan, and Nada Kasih. “I am very glad to be able to perform here: Prambanan Jazz is an annual event, if there is no Prambanan Jazz, it may not be possible to meet with friends,” Rio said. 

Although the Prambanan Jazz Festival 2020 will be held with strict health protocols, he believes the audience’s enthusiasm will not deter, the energy of this annual event has never subsided, because everyone has missed the Prambanan Jazz Festival. 

Prambanan Jazz Online is a series of events at the 2020 Prambanan Jazz Festival, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prambanan Jazz Festival 2020 which supposed to be held on 3 to 5 July 2020 is rescheduled from 30 October to 1 November 2020. 

The online event was held to treat longing for music concert lovers. The first virtual music concert against the background of the Prambanan Temple cultural heritage succeeded in attracting the enthusiasm of jazz fans. Prambanan Jazz Online which lasted around 120 minutes was attended by more than 20,000 spectators from home. 

Prambanan Jazz Festival founder Anas Syahrul Alimi said that after successfully holding it five times, the festival is currently facing challenges in the sixth year. The pandemic requires people to adapt to new normalcies in the environment, including wearing masks and keeping distance. “Prambanan Jazz Online is one of the answers to the challenge by presenting an online concert also hold humanitarian donations for COVID-19 affected event and art workers, “Anas explained. 

According to Anas, distance gives more room to prepare for the best. He promised to make improvements to present a concert that is not only entertaining but will also leave an impression on the hearts of jazz lovers. 

Not without reason, Prambanan Jazz Online invited three artists to perform. Langit Sore, Frau, and Rio Febrian were chosen because they are domiciled in Yogyakarta, so that it is easier to coordinate in current conditions. 

Co-Founder of the Prambanan Jazz Festival Bakkar Wibowo emphasized that this year’s Prambanan Jazz Festival will still be held even though it has been rescheduled. In the upcoming implementation, the Prambanan Jazz Festival also follows the health protocol rules issued by the government. 

Director of PT Taman Wisata Candi (TWC) Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko, Edy Setijono, said that together with Rajawali Indonesia, this virtual jazz concert was held. “We all pray for the COVID-19 pandemic will soon pass so we can witness the splendor of the next Prambanan Jazz Festival firsthand,” he said. 

Deputy of Product and Event Implementation of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ir. Rizki Handayani Mustafa, MBTM welcomed Prambanan Jazz Online. Creative industry players must continue to work without limits even though the tourism industry is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; one of the solutions is combining creativity and technology. 

“The first virtual music concert in Indonesia is held directly from the site of cultural heritage, this is as a way to arouse audience awareness that concerts can be enjoyed at their respective homes. This provides an opportunity for event participants to be able to work again,” he said. 

He stressed that the organization of the event must still pay attention to health protocols to improve discipline in the era of adaptation to new habits.