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Prambanan Jazz Festival: eight years of magic


IO – We have lived amid the “storm” caused by the virus called “Covid-19” for two years. Human activities are paralyzed. But like all storms, one day this too shall pass. 

Prambanan Jazz Festival (“PJF”) is an effort made to take advantage of a lull in the storm. It is an international music festival held in the yard of the Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. First presented on 16 October 2015, it combines the seductive mystery of jazz music with the ancient magical ambience of the great 9th-Century temple. 

PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan, & Ratu Boko (“PT TWC”) as a tourism holding company State-Owned Enterprise under PT Aviasi Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero) (“InJourney”) embraces myriad stakeholders to become part of a high-quality tourism ecosystem in the region. Prambanan Jazz Festival, entering its eighth iteration in 2022, is a manifestation of PT TWC’s efforts to project Prambanan onto an international stage. It will take place on the 1, 2, and 3of July 2022 at Rama-Shinta Square, Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta. 

“We hope that PJF 2022 can serve as an opening act for other live show events to follow. The show is a hybrid performance supported by thorough preparation of the live venue’s safety and convenience for the audience. PT TWC hopes that PJF 2022 will maintain its reputation of being a combination of quality art show and attractive tourism destination. We are using this moment to provide an iconic and interesting event amid Indonesia’s hosting of the G20 Convention. We need to seize this opportunity to support Indonesia’s economy, especially through cultural and musical tourism,” said PT TWC President Director Edy Setijono. 

The “hybrid” event is being held by combining a physical show at the venue with a live digital broadcast on Indihome, UseeTV iKonser Channel 459 SD / 949 HD. PJF Lovers (i.e. serious PJF fans) can get a safe live experience directly at the venue, as the organizers implement the Government’s health protocol very strictly there – or a safe view of the live show in the comfort of their homes. “Our theme this year is ‘Sewindu Merayakan Rindu’‘Expressing Deep Yearning in the Eighth Year’. We are celebrating our successful return meeting with PJF Lovers, who have been unable to watch the Prambanan Jazz Festival live on the spot for the past two years,” said Anas Syahrul Alimi, Founder of Rajawali Indonesia and CEO of Prambanan Jazz Festival. 

As always, PJF, under the promotion of Rajawali Indonesia, showcases three generations of Indonesia’s best jazz musicians. This year’s performers include Andien, Bemandry, Diskoria, Iskandar Widjaya feat. Erik Shondy, Kahitna, Kukuh Kudamai feat. Ndarboy Genk, Kunto Aji, Mus Mujiono x Deddy Dhukun x Everyday, Orkes Sinten Remen, Maliq & D’Essentials, and Sore. They will be supported by amateur bands or musicians who represent Indonesia’s jazz communities, playing on PJF’s mini stages. PJF organizers hope that these stages will serve as the opening note for Indonesia’s new jazz talents to show their mettle right and snare popularity. PJF’s famous Pasar Kangen or “Bazaar of Yearning” is back this year to add color and pizzazz to the show. 

Prambanan Jazz Festival:

As an event based on the spirit of collaboration, Prambanan Jazz Festival cooperates with young artists for their stage artwork. Last year’s show involved Yogyakarta artist Wulang Sunu, but this year’s show involves up and coming young Surabayan illustrator Djayanti Aprilia. She uses symbols like hands, vinyl records, flowers, leaves, and moon in her stage décor to represent the spirit of collaboration as a source of music without limitations. 

As always, Prambanan Jazz Festival features its two mascots, Hanoman and Roro Jonggrang. This year, there is a significant difference. Unlike in their previous appearances where they wore traditional costumes, the Princess and the Monkey’s costumes now feature 90’s and latest styles – a nod to the current lineup of cross-generational audience in the Prambanan Jazz Festival 2022. 


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