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Prabowo’s message to the ‘May 22 action’ participants: Always obey the law


IO, Jakarta – Prabowo Subianto uploaded a message video for masses that participate the 22 May action which was still in front of Bawaslu and other points. Prabowo called on the masses for they to go home.

“Even though this is a peaceful action, it can end, go home and rest, as tomorrow we continue our duty,” said Prabowo through the video that was uploaded through his official Twitter account on Wednesday (5/22/2018) at around 23.20 WIB.

Prabowo is asking the masses to go home now. He also asked the masses not to create any illegal acts.

“Always succumb and always obey the legal provisions. Trust your leader, as we are struggling in all legal and constitutional paths. We must remember the interests of the people, for that I asked all of you to always be calm, be patient, “said Prabowo.

Prabowo also gave a message to the apparatus who secured the action. He requested that the apparatus not be repressive. “On the contrary, I beg the authorities to always hold back, we are all looking for the best solution and what’s best for the nation,” Prabowo said. (Eka, dha)


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