Prabowo walks in the path of Lincoln and Reagan, two great US Presidents


The harmonious relationship between Jokowi and Prabowo has amazed the international world. Should Prabowo be elected as the President of Indonesia, our country will continue to gain trust from abroad. Prabowo has mentioned previously how he would create the best cabinet for Indonesia’s development, regardless of their political backgrounds and history. 

Indonesian democracy is a political innovation, created upon Sukarno’s grand idea. This unique democracy is different from Western liberal democracy. Sukarno wished for cooperation and a sense of togetherness to support the basic concept of Indonesian democracy. Instead, it should not manifest as a fight over a seat, not a win-lose relationship, but a win-win. Winning for the benefit of the nation. 

Unfortunately, this presidency is also Prabowo’s biggest challenge. Indonesia, with all its resources, has a high potential to become a strong and influential middle-power country if our politics continue to be harmonious. There are unfortunately envious parties who simply wish to tear Indonesia apart. They will try again to block Prabowo in his path to the Presidency. 

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Indonesian voters have become smarter since the implementation of a presidential direct election system in 2004. We have experienced 20 years of presidential elections. If democracy was then a child, it is now mature. People cannot easily provoke others with rumors and lies. (Ahmad Zakuan)