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Prabowo tears up when he thinks of Mbah Moen


Prabowo - Mbah Moen
(IO/Angga Raka Prabowo)

Prabowo admitted he had been looking forward to the moment after Mbah Moen passed away on August 9, 2019, when he performed a pilgrimage in Mecca. He was buried at the Al-Ma’la cemetery, Mecca.

“I am very grateful that I am warmly welcomed by Mbah Moen’s family. This is the moment I have been waiting for, to celebrate Eid with old friends,” he said.

Mbah Moen’s extended family then invited Prabowo and his entourage to have lunch together. Even Mrs. Nyai Hj Henny Mariam Syafa’ati, Mbah Moen’s wife, took the time to cook lontong (rice cake) and chicken opor (curry) for Prabowo.

“The lontong is very delicious and tender,” commented Prabowo.

After the meal, Nyai Heny prayed that Prabowo will always be healthy and all his wishes to fight for ordinary folks be granted. (un)


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