Prabowo supports new minimum height criteria for armed forces enlistment

Menteri Pertahanan Prabowo Subianto, Panglima TNI Jenderal Andika Perkasa, KSAL Marsekal Yudo Margono
(IO/Prabowo’s Media Team)

Jakarta, IO – Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto supports the decision to reduce the minimum height requirements for candidates wishing to enlist in the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) academies.

Prabowo said the adjustment needed to be made because the height of the Indonesian people tended to vary by region. “I think we need to take into account the characteristics of each region and different ethnic groups. All of them have very good potential to join the defense force. So, I support the adjustment,” Prabowo said, as reported by CNN Indonesia, Friday (30/9).

However, the chairman of Gerindra Party emphasized that the recruitment of military cadets should not only focus on height but also their abilities.

According to Prabowo, setting a too high standard for height requirements would put the military at a disadvantage as there could cadets who are short but have good abilities.

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TNI commander Gen. Andika Perkasa recently decided to reduce the height requirements to join the armed forces from 163 cm to 160 cm for male and 157 cm from 155 cm for female. (un)