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IO – In the last week of February 2019, presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto carried out a campaign tour, meeting voters on three islands, visiting Medan, North Sumatra on Friday-Saturday (22-23/2), Pamengkasan and Sampang in Madura Island (26/2), and finally Yogyakarta (27/2).

During his visit to Medan on Friday night, Prabowo attended a meet and greet event with national figures, businesspeople, and Indonesians of Chinese ancestry in the Selectra Royal Ballroom, Medan. In the morning, the Great Movement Party (Gerindra) Chairman was greeted by thousands of older women in the Regale International Convention Center. Thousands of Prabowo’s supporters and volunteers had arrived since the morning and had filled up the arena.

The grand meet and greet had the theme “North Sumatra’s Enthusiasm for Prabowo-Sandi to Build a Civilized Democracy to a Victorious Indonesia”. In his speech, Prabowo called for the return of Indonesia’s honor. “Our people cannot be lied to again. We must be prosperous because prosperity must be felt by all of Indonesia’s people,” said Prabowo. “We will take back Indonesia’s riches, we will take back independence, we will take back Indonesia’s honor. I am sure together with you we can.”

In Madura, on Tuesday (26/2), just as Prabowo stepped out of a helicopter in the Public High School 3’s (SMA 3) field in Jalan Pintu Gerband, Pamekasan, he was greeted with shouts of “Allāhu akbar”. The people’s enthusiasm roared as throughout 7 km, residents filled the streets. Supporters were standing at the side of the road to cheer Prabowo passing by.

Prabowo closed the series of events in Madura by attending the Haul Akbar Masyayikh and Habaib in Mbak Tutut Field, Lengser, Camplong, Sampang, Tuesday night. On top the stage and in front of thousands of residents, Prabowo thanked the Pamekasan people for their extraordinary greeting. “Thank you to all the Pamekasan people. Thank you for the extraordinary greeting,” he said. In his 15-minute speech, Prabowo stated that he came to the pesantren to ask for prayers from the ulama, kyai, ustād, and santri, but not for his campaign.

In the next province, shouts of “Allāhu akbar” and “Prabowo Presiden” echoed throughout the Grand Pacific Hall in Sleman on Wednesday (27/2/2019) afternoon. In his speech, Prabowo promised to improve the prosperously of government employees, judges, prosecutors, police, and soldiers. “We will fix it, so they have honor; they will not want and not be allowed to be bribed by anyone.”

Prabowo then stated what he thought was the key to successfully running the nation: sustainable food, energy, and clean water. Prabowo stressed in his speech that the key to managing the economy was that government managers must not look for personal benefit.

Wherever Prabowo went, a sea of people was always there to greet him. This was a clear sign that the people are longing for a leader that cares for the people’s interests and needs. For a leader that gives hope. (Esti)

The santri want a new president. (photo: IO/ARP)
Prabowo attends a grand gathering of his supporters in the Regale International Convention Center, Medan, North Sumatra. (photo: IO/ARP)
Prabowo meets with Medan locals. (photo: IO/ARP)


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