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Prabowo: “I will rise and fall with Indonesian people”


IO, Jakarta – The National Committee to Elect Prabowo-Sandi (BPN) together with the Community Care for Clean and with Integrity Elections (MPPBB) have unveiled the facts of fraud in the 2019 Presidential Elections in an event at the Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/05/2019). In attendance were august national figures, retired officers, volunteers, and supporters of Prabowo-Sandi, filling the Puri Agung Ballroom – which has a capacity of 3000 people. Thousands had no seating, and had to sit in the floor, filling the entire space.

Presidential candidate number 02, Prabowo Subianto, who had been eagerly awaited by the audience, finally expressed his opinion regarding the election, which was colored with theatrical fraud. According to him, democracy is the best way for the lifeblood of our Nation. But what is felt at this time is that the people are shown and many had felt that their democracy had been raped. “After we pay close attention, we hear and convince ourselves and our people that we have won the people’s mandate. If we surrender, this means that we have surrendered to injustice. It means that we will be betraying our State, Nation and its people. It means that we will be betraying our founding fathers. We will be betraying tens of thousands of our heroes who sacrificed their life to build this country,” said Prabowo, which was responded to with “Takbir!” from the audience.

Prabowo said that he would gather legal experts and make a will. “No need to scare people with threats of treason, waved around by the leaders; the general is not considered treasonous, they had sacrificed since they were young, they only wanted to protect the Nation. Don’t try to scare us,” Prabowo warned.

The man familiarly known as “08” stated that he still put his hopes on the people at the KPU. “We urge you, children of Indonesia. Now Indonesia’s fate and future is on your shoulders. You must decide. Enforce the truth and justice for the wellbeing of the Indonesian people. Or continue the lies and this injustice. You’re allowing the repression of Indonesian people,” he declaimed.

Prabowo also confirmed his stance to reject the result of Situng KPU, the vote-counting result as fraudulent. “We can’t accept this kind of injustice and dishonesty. It’s not Me and Sandi’s personal ambition. By God we have none. If you truly ask what is in my heart, I wanted to rest. But after I’ve seen what is in our people’s eyes, I hold their hand and listened to their hopes, the screams of those who hoped for a just country, this what drives me. Because I’m one of the people, I’m part of the people, and it’s impossible for me to abandon them. I will rise and fall together with the people of Indonesia,” he stated which responded by tear and applause from the audience. 

Prabowo stated that with the process of seizing the freedom and the rape of people’s democracy, the people will decide. “As long as the people believe in me, I will be with them. I always be with the people till the end. I’m ready, we’ll fight for the truth until the victory of the people are recognized,” Prabowo ended his statement. (Dan)


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