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Prabowo electability exceeds 60% in
head-to-head simulation


Prabowo Subianto
General Chairman of Gerindra Party Prabowo Subianto. (IO/Rayi Gigih)

Prabowo maintains an even bigger advantage against the remaining candidates, with a major landslide against Erick Thohir at 60.3%, with Erick winning only 24.3% votes and 8.7% voters remaining undecided. He fares even better with a larger margin against Airlangga (65% vs 20.9%, with 14.1% undecided), as well as Muhaimin (68.2% vs 14.7%, with 17.1% undecided). 

“None of the other presidential candidates can win against Prabowo. Even when facing Ganjar, Anies or AHY, he maintains an electability level of higher than 50%,” Igor concluded in the release of his agency’s survey on Wednesday, 13/04/2022. “As for Erick, Airlangga, and Muhaimin, Prabowo’s electability rises even higher, at more than 60%.” 

What if Prabowo Subianto is taken out of the equation? Ganjar, Anies, and AHY’s head-to-head electability rose, but only slightly and cannot reach, let alone exceed, Prabowo’s electability. “The second common pattern is the increase of undecided voters when Prabowo’s name is taken out of the equation. Ganjar would be fighting neck-in-neck against Anies, but none of the other candidates would even get to the 50% mark,” he said. (des)


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