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Prabowo calls NU “pillar of national stability”


Jakarta, IO – Defense Minister Prabowo Subioanto appreciates the presence of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) as one of the pillars of national stability. He conveyed this when opened the Fatayat Nahdatul Ulama XVI Congress in South Sumatra recently. Fatayat Nahdatul Ulama is the women’s wing of NU.

“We are grateful to have such a large and influential NU. NU is a pillar of stability for this country,” Prabowo said, reported Antara, Monday (18/7).

In addition, Prabowo mentioned NU as one of the factors that guarantees peace and harmony in Indonesia. The role of NU’s women wing, Prabowo continued, is very crucial in maintaining the safety of the Republic of Indonesia.

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“These mothers are responsible for the safety of the Indonesian people. This is very logical because mothers produce our next generation,” he said.

“If Indonesian women are weak, our next generation will also be weak and eventually our nation will be weak. And we understand that a weak nation is a nation that will be colonized and trampled upon by other nations,” Prabowo stressed. (un)


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