Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 05:02 WIB

PPPA Ministry: Supervision in each pesantren must be tightened


Illustration for violence against children. (Source: Republika)

The sexual abuse incident at an Islamic boarding school in Banyuwangi was revealed after one of the parents reported the boarding school administrator to the Banyuwangi Police Department.

Witness statements and post-mortem results found six victims — five was sexually abused and one raped. The case has been investigated but the reported by the initial F has not been named a suspect.

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“The PPPA Ministry encourages law enforcement officials to punish the perpetrators based on prevailing laws. Law enforcement is needed to create a deterrent effect for the perpetrators and potential offenders so similar cases do not happen again,” said Nahar, PPPA Ministry’s child protection deputy. (un)


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