Potato Head: Enjoy brunch menu until dinner

The atmosphere of the restaurant is overgrown with green trees, give the comfortable feelings while enjoying the food dish. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Brunch or alloy breakfast and lunch has now become part of the urban lifestyle. This has also become a new trend in Indonesia. Several restaurants in Jakarta began to have a special brunch menu. Including Potato Head Jakarta serving brunch menu, the restaurant is located in Pacific Place Jakarta, issues a series of special menu for brunch until dinner. All menu is created by Chef Noguchi Haruhisa as the Executive Chef of the restaurant.

Since the opening in 2009 at Pacific Place Mall, Potato Head managed to curate globally inspired menus and a variety of interesting works of cocktail options experts. Thanks to the advantages of using quality ingredients, weekly Potato Head Jakarta is crowded with loyal customers every week.

With brunch cultural influence from the United States and Japan, Chef Noguchi innovates on the menu of Potato Head Jakarta. New touch is applied to the selection benedicts egg, baked egg, potato ‘eggslut’ (coddled egg on potato puree), sweet waffle, until the cheese savory waffle.

As an appetizer there are Wake Up Sandwiches in the form of finger sandwiches topped with crispy avocado tartar. Blend lemon, basil and cilantro is strongly spread on tartar. Sliced tomatoes, oranges and radishes to garnish this dish. According to the staff Potato Head Jakarta, the name describes its taste, fresh sandwich with a touch of sweet and sour in the morning.

Other savory menus are Prawn Eggs Benedict with hollandaise crustacean. Unlike ordinary egg benedict, soft boiled egg from organic eggs instead covered by a thin white bread crisp. Splash of hollandaise sauce tasted sweet tanned because it is made along with shrimp. Complementary egg benedict in the form of red sauteed spinach, champignon mushrooms, and fresh lettuce. There is also a flavorful dish of Eggs Baked Eggs with pepper Java smoky. Sauteed mixed vegetables baked eggs to counterbalance the yolk which is melted when cleaved. Vegetables consists of corn, cherry tomatoes, baby zucchini, potatoes and kale. Baked eggs eaten with crispy garlic bread.

“The use of black pepper of Java gives a stronger flavor in baked eggs,” said Chef Noguchi pointing whole black pepper and it’s scour.

For those who like sweet foods, there is a sweet waffle with sliced bananas, almonds, grated chocolate and whipped cream. More special, waffle with cacao nibs (raw chocolate) from Bali. Dark chocolate taste with a bitter aftertaste increases the enjoyment of waffle.

Followers of a healthy lifestyle can taste the blend of Greek yogurt, quinoa and chia seed as well. Greek yogurt creamy sweet sauce with passion fruit and mango. Then the spiced quinoa and chia seeds in coconut water is added to the top of the yogurt. When tasted, it tastes fresh and unique. There is a crisp texture of passion fruit seeds and chia seed. Traces of cinnamon, mace and cardamom also can be tasted from these foods.

As a brunch dining companion, a bartender at Potato Head Jakarta has a concoction of ‘DIY’ Cocktail Menu. Visitors can enjoy a Bellini, fresh puree alloys such as aloe vera, coconut, carambola, or mangosteen with Prosecco (Italian sparkling white wine). In addition, there is also a selection of Bloody Mary.

Not only adults have been spoiled with ‘The Brunch Club’. Children also have menu called ‘Junior’s Favorites’. In this category there are Wagyu ragout dish of pasta, fried chicken, mini dorayaki and vanilla ice cream with fresh berry sauce. Want to enjoy a special menu at ‘The Brunch Club’? Come to Potato Head Jakarta every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays starting from 11:00 to 15:00.

Additionally, Potato Head has re-started a buzz by overhauling the existing menus by adding two options for starters, four choices of pasta, eight large plates, including three kinds of best meats, and desserts inspired from Indonesia.

The menu is in the form of Tuna Nicoise, sashimi grade tuna, bell pepper, baby potatoes, quail eggs, sesame, orange and lemon dressing. Homemade pasta lovers can try Black Ink Angel Hair served with crab meat, calamari, fennel bulb, and a butter sauce. As a protein option, you must taste Pan Fried Snapper with sauteed vegetables, lemongrass and chilli matah. Not to forget 210g Beef Tenderloin YGS, with tender beef tenderloin, roasted baby vegetables, mashed potatoes, mushroom selection, as well as BBQ sauce or the Cafe de Paris.

The main star of the menu is Fried Banana with Coconut Nectar served with grated cheese. You could say this is one of most delicious fried bananas we’ve ever tried. Offerings of food and drink will also be accompanied by music, art, and innovative design typical of Potato Head. Not to forget, a blend of vintage elements, futuristic mural works of Eko Nugroho and Javanese antique lamps as a sweetener, and successfully offering a relaxing atmosphere to gather in Potato Head Jakarta. (aldo)