Possessing high cholesterol rate? adjust your food plans instantly

Fried food cause risk of high cholesterol

IO – High Cholesterol Rate [Hypercholesterolemia] can be prevented by improving lifestyles, avoiding obesity, regular exercise, reducing food consumption by applying low-fat diet, not eating too much fat like coconut milk and fried snacks where the cooking oil tends to be used many times. Fried foods can trigger increased cholesterol rate because saturated fats in cooking oil will increase levels of saturated fat in the body. Frying oils are not recommended to be used many times because the fat structure within can turn into trans fat due to repeated heating. Trans fat is bad fat as it can increase cholesterol. Additionally, increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain lots of fiber. Vegetables are a good source of antioxidants for heart and blood vessels. Fiber also works to smooth out digestion. Obese people should not consume avocados and durians, although they contain unsaturated fat, but their calories remain high.