Police releases ice seller thought to be wanted hacker

Bjorka hacker
Bjorka’s profile on social media. (IO/Ronald)

Jakarta, IO – Local police releases Muhammad Agung Hidayatullah (21), a young man who was arrested by the cybercrime team of the National Police headquarters on suspicion that he is the hacker called Bjorka.

The resident of Banjarsari Kulon village, Dagangan district, Madiun regency, East Java was released on Friday (16/9) at around 09.30 WIB. His mother Prihatin told Kompas that she is grateful that her son is finally released.

Prihatin said prior to being released her husband Jumanto was contacted by Dagangan Police personnel to come to the police station. Upon their arrival, Prihatin said Agung looked exhausted because he had been detained for two nights.

“He looked very tired and went to sleep right away,” explained Prihatin.