Police begin to close off roads around Horse Statue in anticipation of planned protest

Demo Mahasiswa 1
Student protest around Horse Statue. (Albrianso Wayapen/IO)

Jakarta, IO – Traffic around the Horse Statue, Central Jakarta, Monday (11/4) was diverted in anticipation of large demonstration by the National University Student Executive Boards (BEM SI). By 2pm, several groups of students have begun making speeches. One group comes from North Jakarta chapter of the Islamic Student Association (HMI).

Independent Observer also saw students from Bekasi Students Action Front comprising several campuses — Pelita Bangsa University, Panca Sakti University, Stebi Global Mulia, STIAMI, STTS, STT Duta Bangsa and Gunadarma University.

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Demo Mahasiswa
(Albrianso Wayapen/IO)

At first, they planned to hold demonstration at the State Palace, but turned towards the parliament complex instead. Their core demand is to reject three-term presidendy and a number of other issues.