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Police Arrest Thailand’s Number One Fugitive in Bali


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia National Police (Polri) arrested Thailand’s number one fugitive Chaowalit Thongduang in Bali, Thursday (30/5).

Chaowalit is alleged to have committed a number of criminal acts in his country ranging from international drug trafficking, murder of local police officers, and the shooting of members of the judiciary.

Polri investigation officer Commissioner Police General Wahyu Widada revealed that Chaowalit has been in Indonesia for the past seven months since December 2023. He previously escaped from detention while undergoing a dental health examination..

“He escaped from Nakhon Si Thammarat Hospital, he fled to Indonesia, so a red notice was issued by the Thai police government,” said Wahyu, per CNN Indonesia, Mon (3/6).

Since escaping from prison, Chaowalit had gone to India, but not long afterward he went to Indonesia by 17-hour voyage on a speedboat. Chaowalit arrived in Aceh on December 8, 2023.

He then stopped at several places in North Sumatra, before finally going to Bali on May 20.  Wahyu said the police received Chaowalit’s red notice on February 16, 2024.

“On the basis of the red notice, the joint team then carried out an investigation and also coordinated in the area and carried out a search,” he said.

After finding the location of Chaowalit, Wahyu said that his party also secured several pieces of evidence from different cellphones and forged documentation under the name of Sulaiman domiciled in East Aceh regency.

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During his escape in Indonesia, Wahyu said that Chaowalit was assisted by eight local residents ranging from online motorcycle taxis, taxi drivers, money transfer agents, to boat rental services.  He also dated a woman in Medan. 

The police are currently still investigating Chaowalit’s possible connection to the fugitive kingpin of an international drug trafficking syndicate from Indonesia, Fredy Pratama. The police have detected Fredy’s current whereabouts in an area on the border between Thailand and Burma. (un)


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