Friday, May 31, 2024 | 06:01 WIB

Police Arrest 42 Chinese Citizens over ‘Love Scam’


Jakarta, IO – Barelang Police arrested 42 Chinese nationals who were part of the ‘love scam’ network on Kasu Island, Belakang Padang District, Batam City in addition to the 88 from the same network arrested last week.

During the raid they were hiding in one of the residents’ houses which was being used as a temporary shelter.  Some of them are said to have tried to flee to Malaysia before being arrested, per Detikcom, Wednesday (6/9).

We will convey the details later, we are still investigating the case,” said Riau Police special crimes director Commissioner Nasriadi.

The arrestees consist of 34 men and 8 women. Some of them were new recruits.

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Their modus operandi was to lure the suspects to make sex video calls. The video was then used to blackmail the victims. (bp)


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