Polda Metro Jaya busts illegal online lender’s office, 11 arrested

Polda Metro Jaya conducted a press conference on the raid of illegal online lender (Source: Polda Metro Jaya public relations bureau)

Jakarta, IO – Special Criminal Investigation Directorate of Metro Jaya (Jakarta) Regional Police uncovered 58 apps belonging to an illegal online lender (pinjol). In total, 11 people were arrested in the raid.

“There were 11 suspects in this case,” said Polda Metro Jaya spokesperson Police Commissioner Endra Zulpan as quoted by CNN Indonesia, Friday (27/5). The suspects are MIS, IS, JN, LP, OT, AR, FIS, T, and AP who worked as desk collectors, collecting loans by telephone. And DRS as the head and S, a manager.

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Zulpan explained that the suspects were arrested in several locations, namely in Cengkareng, Kalideres, Petamburan, Kebayoran Baru, and Kembangan.