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PMI Sends 500 Tents for Victims of Conflict in Gaza


Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) chairman M. Jusuf Kalla said the organization has collaborated with local humanitarian institutions in Palestine and sent humanitarian aid in the form of 500 tents for refugees in Gaza.

“The need for family tents is a top priority, in addition to the need for food, drinking water, and clothing,” he said, per, Wed (19/6).

He explained that tents are currently very crucial for the residents of Gaza because they are forced to sleep on the streets or in open areas. In fact, some other refugees sleep under the rubble of destroyed buildings which is very dangerous.

“We must continue to strive so that basic needs for refugees, such as food, drinks and temporary shelter in the form of family tents can be pushed immediately to residents in refugee camps. Therefore, PMI hopes that all access doors for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza will be opened permanently,” he added.

PMI in collaboration with the Egyptian Red Crescent, the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS), and local humanitarian partners continues to procure several aid items, including food, family tents, clothing, medicines, hygiene kits, and health equipment to complement the humanitarian aid that has been distributed previously.

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Meanwhile, head of PMI headquarters Arifin Muh Hadi stated that the aid of 500 tents weighing 40 tons has been delivered to the Egyptian border with Gaza, using three container trucks.

Each tent unit measures 4×4 meters and can accommodate up to of 4-5 family members. The family tents have been equipped with tool kits, so the refugees can set them up by themselves.

However, Arifin explained that currently access to Gaza via the Rafah crossing has not been opened. PMI has coordinated with the Egyptian Red Crescent logistics team to use an alternative route via the Karam Abu Salem crossing. (bp)


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