PKB focuses on obtaining votes in 2024 Legislative Elections

Vice General Chairman of the National Awakening Party’s Central Leadership Council for Electoral Planning, Jazilul Fawaid. (Photo: Wikimedia)

IO – Vice General Chairman of the National Awakening Party’s Central Leadership Council (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa – “DPP PKB”) for Electoral Planning, Jazilul Fawaid (“Gus Jazil”), declared that the political dynamics for 2024 are continuously more volatile, even though National Elections is still years away. 

The first indication of volatility is the appearance of plans to create specific political coalitions or axes, such as the Islamic Party axis. In response, Gus Jazil’s Party offers an alternative axis called the “New Hope Axis”, created as a beacon of hope for national leadership amid the multidimensional crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “In terms of axes, no matter what it is, PKB will call it the New Hope Axis. We want something new for the future, something that will give us new hope amid the pandemic, that will generate solutions for the crises,” he said on Tuesday (01/06/2021). 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia suffers from a multidimensional crises – health crisis, economic crisis, political and security crises, that all require serious handling and attention from all elements of the nation. “This is precisely why we need to have a new beacon of hope for the people. As for the choice of presidential candidate, we will discuss it later with our coalition parties. If Political Party A agrees, Political Party B agrees, then that’s how it will be,” Gus Jazil said. “PKB has started to prepare itself for the 2024 Elections, especially in terms on how we can get more seats in the Legislature. We have started to move in our own fashion. But if you think that it means “putting up banners and stuff,” no, not yet. Presidential Elections are still a long way away. 

Gus Jazil declares that PKB has a long experience in Government, as it has always been part of the Government or the winning party since the Reform Era. “However, if we talk about the 2024 Elections, wherein the Presidential Elections and Legislative Elections are being held simultaneously, PKB is also interested in getting the advantage of coat-tail effect of presidential candidacy for the Party votes. This is also something we need to prepare for in the Elections. True, now it’s survey agencies that are abuzz, not the Party. However, I need to admit that the PKB cadres under me also push for the Party to submit its own candidates, thanks to the buzzing of survey agencies, which make the news. This is what agitates cadres at the lower level, getting them to buzz as well, while the Party is actually still calm.” 

Gus Jazil went on to declare that PKB is focusing on how get more votes in the 2024 Legislative Elections. “As for who the presidential candidate may be, that’s also a variable among many. The variable of electability is but one of the many small variables related to the one variable, which is the person who is to become presidential candidate. There are still many other variables, including years to get ready. What’s the rush? One thing for sure is that PKB is already focusing and already knows who is going to win. We already have ‘divine information’ in our pockets. PKB always includes the spiritual variable, the X variable, which is something that survey agencies don’t capture,” he said. (des)