PKB: Early coalition good for “political education”

Jazilul Fawaid
Deputy Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Jazilul Fawaid. Photo: DOC. MPR RI

IO – The Deputy Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Jazilul Fawaid welcomed the idea of early announcement of party coalition to nominate presidential and vice-presidential candidates so the public would not “buy a cat in a gunny sack” in reference to a local proverb that means voting for unknown candidates. He also hopes that the presidential and VP picks for the 2024 election could confidently show their determination.

Jazilul believes that the early coalition can be a part of “political education” and offer an opportunity for the public to assess candidates’ vision and mission, as well as their character, for the upcoming election.

He also hopes that the 2024 presidential election can be an arena for clash of ideas between the candidates on how to best bring the nation forward. He believes that if the candidates’ declaration is delivered at the last minute, it will only turn into a contest between political elites.

Similarly, the Chairman of PKS (the Prosperous Justice Party) Mardani Ali Sera urges political parties to build coalitions and declare their presidential candidates as soon as possible.

He also hopes that the parties will not announce candidacy at the eleventh hour before registration closes, as what happened in past election. Mardani said an early announcement could help the public better judge the worth of their would-be leaders.

Hasan Nasbi, the founder of the survey institute and political consultancy Cyrus Network, said that one of the factors that can change the political landscape of the 2024 presidential election is an early political party coalition and selection of candidates.

He said now the public does not know which figures hold the tickets to the 2024 presidential election, although three parties have the potential to propose their own cadres: PDIP (the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle), Golkar (Functional Group Party) and Gerindra (the Great Indonesia Movement Party). (des)