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Pizza E Birra, a sports bar that pampers ‘nobar’ connoisseurs in Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – In the beginning of July 2018, Pizza E Birra reopened its 10th outlet at Kota Kasablanka Mall, South Jakarta. The outlet this time carries the theme sports bar that is still rarely found in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Pizza E Birra carries the concept of sports bar to pamper sports lovers who like to ‘watch together’ (nobar – nonton bareng). Inside this restaurant there are various decorations from various sports. Pizza E Birra operates every day at 11.00-23.00 WIB on Monday-Thursday and 11.00-24.00 on Friday-Sunday. But if there is a match in the early hours, Pizza E Birra will remain open until the match is over.

Various sports trinkets and accessories adorn the walls of Pizza E Birra, in addition to being a companion while watching sporting events there is a snack menu that you can try. (photo: IO/Aldo)

“We will broadcast various sports matches, such as soccer and other sports. Later, we also plan to air the 2018 Asian Games matches, “said Mandati Martanlangga Putri, Brand Manager of Pizza E Birra.

Whilst visiting there, the Independent Observer team, tasted some of the mainstay menus of Pizza E Birra Sports Bar which is very suitable to accompany visitors while ‘nobar’ sports matches. The first menu served was an appetizer or starter. The next menu was El Diablo, chicken wings with spicy sweet spices. In one portion of El Diablo contains 7 pieces of chicken. Furthermore, the Independent Observer also tasted other appetizers, Pizza Nachos. Nachos served with pizza toppings, such as mustard, minced meat, onions, onions, and olive oil.

In the main menu, Pizza E Birra presents Pizza Meat Lover. Unlike other pizzas, in Pizza E Birra pizzas are rectangular. The thick bread is topped with tomato sauce, plus minced meat, meatballs, and grated cheese. The other main food menu is Dori Cream. Dory fish that have been fillet and wrapped in flour and fried then combined with cream sauce and lemon juice. This dish is served along with vegetables such as broccoli and tomatoes. The next main food menu is Baked Macaroni, macaroni baked together with cream and cheese sauce plus sliced ​​meat. The creamy taste is perfect for those of you who like cheese.

The last main meal was Mama Spaghetti which was served with chopped sweet beef plus grated cheese. For dessert, the Independent Observer tried two menus, Banana Nutella Pizza and Vanilla Panna Cotta. The pizza in question was thinner and crispier. Pizza topped with strawberry pieces, with peanuts and vanilla ice cream plus chocolate and strawberry sauce. Vanilla Panna Cotta was the last dish. This dessert is a favorite. Panna Cotta, the vanilla flavor has a soft texture, with sweet strawberry sauce, combined with sour pieces of strawberry.

As the 2018 Asian Games grand sports party event approaches, Pizza E Birra is certainly the right choice for you to watch matches with family and colleagues. (Aldo)


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