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Pindapata, the tradition of alms giving ahead of Vesak


Jakarta, IO – In celebration of Vesak which falls on June 4, thousands of devotees from Magelang City flock to Liong Hok Bio Temple to witness the alms procession by monks from Thailand and Indonesia.

The tradition is called pindapata, where monks seek alms from house to house, reported Tempo.co, Thursday (1/6).

The procession began with the preparation of robes and bowls used by monks to collect alms from the residents. 

After that, they will walk along the streets while reciting paritta, sutta and gatha to ask for divine blessings and protection.

The alms procession is a manifestation of Buddhist devotion to monks who are considered as teachers. Thus, sharing with the teachers is seen as one way to attain peace of mind.

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“This is our duty as Buddhists, to give and share with others, so that all beings are peaceful, happy and safe,” said Darmayuda, caretaker of Liong Hok Bio Temple. (un)


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