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Pillow Talk Coffee and Comfy, the most instagrammable coffee shop in Bandung


IO – When it comes to coffee shops in Bandung, there seems to be no end. Various kinds of processed coffee combined with a cozy atmo­sphere is sure to be the main choice of places to hang out amongst youngsters today. There is one cof­fee shop that successfully stole the attention of young people in Band­ung today, Pillow Talk Coffee and Comfy. This coffee shop owned by young entrepreneur Rina Herkiam­to is very different from other coffee shops in Bandung. Pillow Talk Cof­fee and Comfy carries the concept of monochrome, thus creating an instagrammable atmosphere. Visi­tors can sip coffee with a homey at­mosphere plus a varied food menu.

The Coffee shop located on Jl. Haji Hasan 12 Dipatiukur-Dago, Bandung is dominated by white wrapping on the exterior and inte­rior. With an artistic touch, visitors carry the imagination into a classic retro atmosphere.

For those of you who visit Pillow Talk Coffee and Comfy, you will find various kinds of classic fur­niture which makes it even more comfortable to linger here. In addi­tion there are interesting spots on the side of the window that can be immortalized for photos with fam­ily, friends, and couples. Because this spot is one of the mainstays of young people in Bandung when they visit.

Besides having an indoor loca­tion, Pillow Talk Coffee and Comfy also has a beautiful outdoor loca­tion. There are two outdoor loca­tions that can be enjoyed, namely through the main room and on the left side of the building. This outdoor location is highly recom­mended if you visit here in the late afternoon. Romantic atmosphere accompanied by dim lights and beautiful grass makes visitors feel comfortable when spending time with their closest loved ones, family or relatives.

Interestingly, this instagramma­ble coffee shop provides various fa­cilities including free wifi, smoking rooms, non smoking rooms, prayer rooms, VIP rooms and large park­ing spaces.

For food, various types of menus are complete enough to choose from. Starting from snacks to heavy foods. Among them are Pancakes, Breakfast Sets, Toastbread, Pasta, Sandwiches, Fried Rice, Soto Band­ung, Sop Iga, Oxtail Soup, Chicken Cordon Blue and others. For prices offered starting from Rp. 25 thou­sand to Rp. 50 thousand. Of course the price of this food matches the taste that is mouth watering plus the range of comfort offered. Totally Worth It !!

As for drinks, surely coffee is the winner. Pillow Talk which is open from 09.00-22.00 hours (Sun­day-Thursday) and 09.00-23.00 (Friday-Saturday) provides vari­ous kinds of coffee and non-coffee drinks, including Espresso, Ameri­cano, Cappuccino, Snowflake, Ba­nana Choco, Smoothies, Orange Juice , Lemon Juices, Lychee Tea, Red Velvet Latte and others. (Paramitha Hendra)

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