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Physical exercise for strong bones and a healthy heart


Jakarta, IO – The Ministry of Health notes that two out of five Indonesians run the risk of osteoporosis. Lack of understanding about the importance of physical activity and a healthy, balanced diet is the cause of an unacceptably high prevalence of osteoporosis in our country. 

Osteoporosis occurs when bone degradation is higher than bone formation. Every day, as we age, the cells that cause the bones to degrade (osteoclasts) start to make more canals and gaps in the bones faster than the cells that cause bones to form (osteoblasts) work. This causes the bones to have lowered mass density and weaker microarchitecture, making them fragile and more susceptible to breaking. 

“Bone degradation occurs gradually, over the years. During the process, it’s possible that you will feel no pain, have no complaints; your bones may seem the same, but then one suddenly fractures or breaks. Even if you do not suffer from this condition, when you become older, you will more likely feel your bones aching, only to find out during a medical checkup that they have degenerated. Osteoporosis seriously and significantly affects the quality of life, because it makes it hard for you to carry out common daily activities like eating, getting dressed, shopping, driving, or even walking,” declared Prof. Dr. dr. Ichramsjah A. Rachman, Sp.OG(K), Chairman of the Indonesia Healthy Bones Society (Perkumpulan Warga Tulang Sehat Indonesia – “Perwatusi”) Advisory Council, as well as obstetrics-gynecology specialist consultant practicing in Budhi Jaya Hospital Jakarta. He spoke in the Nasional Osteoporosis Day “Indonesia Moves: Strong Bones, Healthy Heart” event, hosted by Entrasol on Sunday (23/10/2022). 


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