Philanthropic sector needs to optimize contribution in fighting climate change

Caption foto: Still from “Climate Change, Green Recovery, and The Role of Philanthropy Post COP26” seminar from Fifest 2022. (Source: Filantropi Indonesia)

Jakarta, IO – In recent years, climate change has become one of the issues that is always discussed on the global agenda. Not only about the impact, but also about the efforts that are intensified to mitigate the impacts.

The philanthropic sector is deemed necessary to optimize its role, potential, and contribution in fighting climate change, in line with the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) which emphasizes the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation.

This was also affirmed by Rachmat Witoelar, former Indonesian Minister of Environment (2004-2009) and the President’s Special Representative for Climate Change at a webinar during the 2022 Philanthropy Festival (Fifest), Tuesday (7/6).