Tuesday, November 28, 2023 | 23:22 WIB

Phase 3 clinical trial of BUMN Covid-19 vaccine estimated to be completed by August


Jakarta, IO – Medical advisor for the clinical trial of BUMN Covid-19 vaccine, Soedjatmiko, announced that the vaccine’s phase three trial is almost completed. The trial is being carried out at four faculties of medicine in Indonesia, namely at University of Indonesia, Diponegoro University, Andalas University and Hasanuddin University involving a total of 4,050 volunteers.

Soedjatmiko explained that according to WHO and the Indonesian Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) standards, all new vaccines must go through phase three clinical trial to prove its safety and efficacy against the Covid-19 virus.

“It has to be proven that the vaccine is efficacious in protecting subjects from serious illness and death due to Covid-19 according to BPOM standards,” said Sudjatmiko in a written statement received by Observerid.com, Tuesday (2/8).

Sudjatmiko said the most commonly reported Adverse Events after Immunization (AEFI) were localized pain around the injection area and muscle pain with mild intensity. “In addition, there is post-injection fever that will go away within 1-2 days,” he said.


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