Peteri Pitu Takengon waterfall

Tourists seen capturing photos and freezing the moment in the Peteri Pitu waterfall. (photo: IO/Mahrayuni)

IO – Waterfall tours are a type of natural tourism that is much favored by tourists. The atmosphere of the waterfall which is generally fresh and green, can release stress and fatigue in the body. Indonesia with its vast mountainous landscape has many waterfalls that can be used as tourist destinations. Many of these waterfalls are still natural and not well known by tourists. However, there are also many waterfall areas that have been managed by the local government and have become a favorite natural tourist destination.

One of them is a waterfall located in Takengon, hearing Takengon maybe you would think whether this is in Indonesia or abroad. This place is located in the central part of Aceh, Takengon itself is a plateau that produces the best coffee beans. This area has many natural attractions that are untouched by tourists, one of which is the peteri pitu waterfall.

Peteri Pitu waterfall is in the highlands of Gayo land with the dominant population being the Gayo tribe. This peteri pitu waterfall is one of the tourist objects that is still relatively new in Takengon. In the middle of a dense forest, it is located not far from Rembele airport in Bener Meriah district, Central Aceh.

Going towards the waterfall area is not exhausting because now there is a special road made by local residents to go to the waterfall and before you actually do the trekking you will be presented with a view of Mount Merapi which is very beautiful.

The natural conditions are still very natural, making you have to walk between the grove of wilderness as if, welcoming you. In addition, often you will also hear the melodious sounds of birds whistling here and there. The temperature and atmosphere can indeed relieve all your burdens and problems. To reach the location of the waterfall, it can take 20 minutes to find the location of the waterfall that is very fascinating. This waterfall has three levels, to be able to feel it’s charm it would be good if you can go up to the highest level.

When the rainy season approaches, the water flow becomes bigger, the access road to climb to the highest waterfall is very inadequate because it is prone to slipping. To be able to reach it, tourists must be careful because the track can be very slippery and it is advised to use special trekking shoes especially for tourists who are not familiar with the atmosphere of the forest.

You will find tree branches and creeping leaves when you are trekking, you have to walk whilst slightly bending, and hold the tree’s roots to support the trip so that you don’t slip. Tiring trips and difficult terrain will pay off when you reach the highest level.

The wind blowing, the splash of clear water and cold air and the view of the green forest makes all the tiresome go away and trekking pays off. As it is classified as a new tourist attraction, this waterfall is still very well preserved. To enjoy the beauty of this nature tour, you only need to pay a fee of IDR 5,000 per person, Peteri Pitu is a very beautiful area, the beauty of it can enchant every tourist who comes to this place. Indeed, to enjoy the whole beauty of the natural scenery of this waterfall you have to struggle but if you have seen its beauty all your fatigue will pay off.