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Pertalite fuel from Tuban fuel terminal found to contains water and sand


Jakarta, IO – Pertalite gasoline (RON90) from Tuban fuel terminal had to be returned because it was contaminated with water and sand, reported IDN Times, Monday (19/12).

There were two gas stations affected in Tuban – at Sugihwaras village, Jenu district and Mulung village, Merakurak district.

Azmi Zulfikar, supervisor of Sugihwaras gas station said the contaminated delivery was discovered by the staff when they took a sample of the fuel from the tanker truck.

In response to the incident, Pertamina Patra Niaga area manager Deden Mochammad Idhani said that based on the investigation results by the company’s team, it might be due to the high intensity of rainfall from noon to evening on Friday.


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