PermataBank Syariah launches first Sharia Model Branch


IO, Jakarta – PermataBank Syariah is committed to continuing to innovate, in order to provide Sharia banking services that are more relevant, affordable, and easier for Indonesians to conduct banking transactions, among them by presenting the first Sharia PermataBank Branch Model in Indonesia, located at the Al-Azhar University Building, Jakarta. The new PermataBank Syariah branch was created with a modern concept and appearance, providing consistent offline (with staff assistance) and online (self-service) banking services, supported by various digitalized facilities through the latest technology offered by PermataBank. 

Customers who come to the new branch will be assisted by staff, prioritizing health protocols that have become a new normal during this pandemic, while all their transactions will be completed digitally with a consistent design and experience as in other PermataBank online channels. What distinguishes PermataBank Syariah Branch Model from digital Bank branches in general, the customers can feel the speed of seamless digital innovation without losing the comfort of interacting with Customer Service staff if necessary. 

The launch of the Branch Model is also in line with the growing demand for Islamic banking in Indonesia, which continues to increase from year to year, as evidenced by the growth of Sharia assets from July 2019 to July 2020 at 10; this figure is higher than the growth of conventional banking at 5.7%. Profits still grew by 2% while conventional banking contracted by 19% in the same period. This phenomenon is also felt by PermataBank Syariah, which recorded net profit growth of 226 billion in June 2020 – growing by almost 52% compared to June 2019. Therefore, PermataBank Syariah is committed to continuing to innovate to provide more reliable and useful Sharia banking services for Indonesian society. 

At the launch of the Model Branch, conducted virtually, Herwin Bustaman, Director of PermataBank Syariah, said that the opening of the Model Branch is one example of the expansion and transformation strategies for the PermataBank Syariah branch which will continue in 2020 and over the next few years. “PermataBank Syariah always consistently presents digital technology which is a solution to answer the needs of today’s Islamic banking customers, so customers can enjoy a consistent customer experience, both online and offline. That’s why we present the PermataBank Syariah Branch Model. This is also one of the commitments of our collaboration with YPI Al Azhar, whose MOU we signed just last week,” he explained. 

The Branch model is directly connected to all digital services owned by PermataBank, namely the PermataMobile X super app, API Banking, PermataNet, Permata e-business, to provide complete, safe, and reliable digital banking facilities. 

Sobirin, the Chairman of YPI Al-Azhar, conveyed how he warmly welcomed the presence of the newest branch of PermataBank Syariah in the Al-Azhar complex. “The modern concept that is being carried out makes the digital Islamic banking experience directly felt. We hope that the presence of this branch will help banking needs for the Al-Azhar community and also the surrounding community,” he explained. 

The presence of the first PermataBank Syariah Branch Model in Indonesia shows PermataBank’s commitment to always provide the latest innovations to customers in holistic banking services that are customer-centric and adapt to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. PermataBank believes that branch offices remain one of the choices for customers to carry out banking activities amidst the digital transformation era, especially to understand the banking products needed to manage savings, assets, investments, and other information. 

To expand the product range and provide the best service for its customers, PermataBank Syariah will open several new branches in Indonesia, with branch designs that will be tailored to the needs of its target market. 

The location of the PermataBank Syariah Branch Model location at Al-Azhar University aims to increase the penetration of Islamic banking in the world of education. This is also part of a strategic partnership between PermataBank and the Al- Azhar Indonesia Foundation which was inaugurated some time ago to optimize Islamic banking services for education. With the ability to work on all types of corporate, commercial, SME, and retail customer segments, PermataBank Syariah can assist in developing its business in the areas of banking, education, and social activities, as well as supporting the national economy through Sharia finance.