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Pepsodent collaborates with celebrated author for #SenyumSatuIndonesia


IO, Jakarta – Smiling is a characteristic of famously friendly Indonesians. Pepsodent, as the foremost toothpaste that has been protecting the smiles of Indonesian families across generations, collaborates with celebrated local author and singer Dee Lestari. Pepsodent has launched a special edition packaging by showcasing her poem and song, Senyum Satu Indonesia (“One Smile Indonesia”), which exhorts Indonesians to keep on sharing smiles and to maintain the beauty of their smiles by routinely brushing their teeth twice a day, once every morning and at night. Imelda Wira, the Senior Brand Manager for Pepsodent, explained that a survey of Britain’s Legatum Institute show that Indonesia is the friendliest, most smiling, and most easily to socialize among Asian countries.

Smiles contain positive and optimistic energies that we can share with each other. “Indonesian’s habit of smiling and spreading out smiles makes smiling one of the best ways to tighten bonds and unify the nation with its varying traditions and cultures,” Imelda said. “Basically, smiling is contagious and you can share it with others. According to survey, at least 50% of people will smile back if you smile at them. A smile, which we often consider to be something simple, is actually the source of strength for Indonesians who are facing challenges. Therefore, Pepsodent thinks it’s important that Indonesians are reminded to smile more often at everyone around them,” she said.

Drg. Ratu Mirah Afifah, GCClinDent., MDSc., Division Head for Health & Wellbeing and Professional Institutions of Unilever Indonesia Foundation gave further explanation on the benefits of smiling for health: “Research performed by the University of Missouri, Kansas City, in 2016 showed that smiling has many health benefits, including improving one’s mood and a sense of well-being, reducing blood pressure, reducing the impact of stress, prolonging life, and even making a person look younger. Therefore, maintaining dental and oral health is essential for a confident, friendly smile.”

Building up on the #SenyumSatuIndonesia (“#OneSmileIndonesia”) movement that started last year, Pepsodent now issues a special packaging with the tagline “Senyum!” (“Smile!”). For the launching, Pepsodent collaborated with Dee Lestari, using her poetry and song. Dee’s poem can be read and enjoyed on each special package, while the song, titled Senyum Satu Indonesia, can be enjoyed using several digital platforms, such as Pepsodent’s YouTube channel, and karaoke singing using the Smule app.

Dee Lestari, the respected author and singer, said, “For me, a smile has a great role and deep meaning in the creation of my artwork. I created the Senyum Satu Indonesia song and poem jointly with Pepsodent to remind the people, to ask the people, to keep sharing smiles every day, at all times, in various appropriate situations and conditions. I hope that our collaboration will generate positivity among the people who enjoy them and will encourage us to smile more. I experienced it myself – for example, when I become tired of my work, I come home to the smiles of my children, I feel refreshed and re-energized, ready to spend time with them again.”

Drg. Mirah added that other than using dental care education programs, such as School Health Program, Pepsodent Dental Expert Center, World Oral Health Day, and the National Dental Health Month (Bulan Kesehatan Gigi Nasional – “BKGN”), the #SenyumSatuIndonesia movement strengthens Pepsodent’s commitment to creating bright smiles on Indonesian faces. “This movement is part of the commitment made by the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan to encourage 1 billion people around the world to take action to improve and maintain their health, including dental and oral health in Indonesia,” she said.

The #SenyumSatuIndonesia asks the people to contribute to the dental and oral health of Indonesian children. Each photo uploaded to social media with the hashtag #SenyumSatuIndonesia will contribute to the assistance for the oral and dental care package for 10 Indonesian children, distributed through the School Health Program. (aldo)


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