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PDIP implores political elites to abide by the Constitution


Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) has once more addressed the issue of a potential 2024 election postponement. The party warns the political elites to conform to the Constitution and comply with the Pancasila (the five pillars) ideology. “The current priority is to work together to help the people, especially to enable the post-pandemic economy to recover. The notion of election postponement has created unnecessary administrative concerns,” declared PDIP Secretary-General Hasto Kristiyanto in a written statement Saturday (3/19/2022). 

Hasto urged all to reflect on the shadow puppet play, or wayang, “Sastra Jendra Hayuningrat Pangruwating Diyu”, presented by the PDIP Central National Cultural Agency (BKNP) in collaboration with the Paguyuban Wayang Orang Bharata (a puppet show association). 

The play was performed at the Wayang Orang Bharata theater in Senen, Central Jakarta, Saturday night (3/19) and carried on @bknppdiperjuangan official YouTube channel. PDIP general chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri was observed watching the performance virtually. 

Hasto said the play was carefully selected as a reminder that power politics should be built by prioritizing morals, truth and loyalty. 

He mentioned a character in the play, Begawan Wisrawa, a prominent figure with renowned spirituality, wisdom and guardianship. However, Begawan Wisrawa was still an ordinary man who often faced the temptation of power. 

“Sastra Jendra depicts a moral framework, the message being to avoid power abuse,” said Hasto. 

He added that Sastra Jendra should be perceived with humility, submission and presence of mind. “So is the case with the life of the nation and the state. The state administration must be run by leaders with such characteristics. Without Sastra Jendra, calamity may befall us,” said Hasto. 

For PDIP, the constitutional amendments are not flawless, considering that they have been implemented during the current crisis. Hasto believes the main focus is to help the people and prepare for the simultaneous elections on February 14, 2024. 

Hasto said the tale of Sastra Jendra could be an analogy about the substantial change created by the election postponement. Thus, all PDIP members and cadres should bear in mind the message from Chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri. 

“To practice Pancasila and the Constitution, the most important element is the Government’s spirit to create a cooperative nation, one that inherits a cultural heritage for safe, peaceful and contented lives,” he said. 

“Amid this pandemic, our job is to join forces and move in one direction, to help the Indonesian people through communal movements led by PDIP cadres,” said Hasto. 

Hasto hoped the Sastra Jendra play could build awareness of the importance of building a moral stronghold in the life of a nation and constitutional loyalty. 

“Ms. Megawati mentioned that to be in politics is to build civilization. Politics stands firmly on morals and truth,” he said. 

“Only a big and strong nation could be true to oneself and its cultural characters, without imitating other cultures. By enjoying this wayang, let’s celebrate the Indonesia that has a strong identity and culture, as introduced by Bung Karno,” he passionately said. (des)


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