Saturday, December 2, 2023 | 00:20 WIB

PDI-P: “Political clowns” are using three-term presidency issue for personal gain


Jakarta, IO – PDI-P head of ethics department Komarudin Watubun said ministers in the current administration often piggyback on national agendas for personal gain. He referred to ministers who echoed the election postponement and presidential term extension discourse.

“I think political clowns are taking advantage of the issue to advance their personal and group interests. Like ministers who don’t actually have the authority to talk about this matter but are still doing it, that’s reckless,” said Komarudin on Wednesday (13/4).

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He also slammed ministers who were involved with national projects through private business channel. Komarudin gave the Covid-19 handling to new administrative capital (IKN) projects as example. “They [the ministers] are riding on the issue of national economic crisis, Covid-19 and so on to propose three-term presidency,” he continued.


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