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‘Patjarmerah Kecil 2024’ book festival seeks to foster a love of reading among kids


Jakarta, IO – Patjarmerah, a literacy festival and book bazaar opens up wider space for reading groups for children, young people and families to run from June 29 to July 7 at Pos Bloc, Jakarta.

The initiator, Windy Ariestanty, talked about the urgency of regeneration behind the idea of ‘Patjarmerah Kecil’ which she held in collaboration with many parties. According to her, changes in roles in the world of literacy must continue to be pursued.

“We are fully aware that it is not only the regeneration of writers that needs to be pursued continuously and collaboratively, but also the regeneration of readers. And it should start early from home,” said Windy, Friday (21/6).

This festival will feature a number of activities that are intended to be interesting for children, young people and families in the form of performances, talks and workshops on various themes by presenting a number of famous authors such as Djokolelono, Reda Gaudiamo, Ivan Lanin and Najeela Shihab.

There will also be a variety of child-friendly games and thousands of books from a host of renowned local publishers will also enliven the festival.

Themed “Sayap” (wings), this festival is expected to engage the younger generation to open their mind and explore a world full of imagination.

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Windy said that the theme also symbolizes soaring curiosity, the courage to try, and the tenacity to achieve goals where the sky is the limit.

“We want to give wings to the younger generation, to guide and encourage them to fly higher, and together striving for equal and equitable access to literacy,” said Windy. (un)


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