Parliament leaders deny stalling Jiwasraya special committee proposal

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Azis Syamsuddin claims there is no attempt by the leadership to drag out discussion on the proposed special investigative committee, submitted by PKS and Democrat. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Deputy Speaker of Parliament Azis Syamsuddin claimed there was no attempt by the leadership to drag out discussion on the proposed special investigative committee, submitted by PKS and Democrat. This proposal was submitted last week to Azis. “Nothing. Who is dragging their feet? I have a disposition,” Azis said in the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Wednesday (02/12/2020). 

Azis argued that the Special Committee proposal was already submitted to the Secretariat General of the Parliament for administration. Azis explained the proposal is going through administrative process. It is undergoing registration in the Secretariat General of the Parliament. The Golkar politician said that following the Secretariat General, the proposal would be handed over to other leaders for discussion. “It is already passed over to the Secretariat General. The Secretariat General then distributes it. It is not my duty to deliver it. That is the duty of the Secretariat General,” he said. 

He also could not be sure when a leadership meeting could be held to discuss the fate of the Jiwasraya inquiry committee, including its being able to complete its task before the Parliament goes into recess. “It depends on the file received. Later, the General Secretariat will send the file and then determine a schedule for the leadership meeting,” said Azis. Previously, Democrat and Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Factions urged Parliament leaders to immediately follow up on the proposal to set up a Special Committee for Jiwasraya. This was conveyed in a plenary meeting at the Parliament Building, Jakarta. 

Democrat politician Sartono Hutomo asked for clarity on the proposal to establish a special Jiwasraya committee, an action submitted to the leadership of the Parliament. It included an explanation of what will transpire once the proposal is received by the leadership of the Indonesian Parliament. “We ask for an explanation regarding the letter related to the special inquiry committee, which has been signed by 104 members. May the leadership please explain the stages of the process that have been followed up,” he said 

Supporting the Democratic Party and PKS, the NasDem Party agreed on the status of the supervision of the PT Jiwasraya (Persero) case, to the level of the special committee. The condition is that the performance of the working committee (Panja) in each commission is sluggish and aimless. “The status of deliberation will be raised if the current committee is not working optimally,” said Deputy Chairman of Commission III of the NasDem Faction Ahmad Sahroni in Nusantara Building III, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/12/2020). 

NasDem still monitors the performance of working groups in Committee VI, XI and III. This, he said, had been agreed by the factions that were members of the coalition supporting the government. Previously, Democrats and PKS proposed the formation of a Jiwasraya Special Committee to the leadership of the DPR. The proposal was received by the Deputy Speaker of the House Azis Syamsudin. The administration of the proposal is still being processed at the Secretariat General of the Parliament. The proposal will be discussed by Parliament leaders and factions. Finally, the results of the meeting will be presented in the Parliament’s Plenary. “Later, when the plenary is complete,” he stated. (dan)