Parangtritis Beach & Sand Dunes amidst the pandemic

(Photo: Caecilia Linggarjati)

IO – Going on vacation when the pandemic is still not over is indeed risky. But by still paying attention to health protocols such as maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and adhering to top personal hygiene, going on a short trip can be relatively safe. 

The safest and most practical way to go on vacation during this pandemic is of course by private car, via the toll road, the trip from Jakarta to Yogyakarta is now shorter, especially if the streets are not crowded. Within five hours, Jakarta residents can enjoy spring rolls in Semarang. Then thanks to the toll road from Semarang to Bawen, about two hours later you are able to relax in Yogyakarta. 

Views of green hills, mountains, and blue clouds accompany the journey from Semarang to Bawen. Exiting the toll road, the beautiful mountain scenery remains, faithfully following along Ambarawa to Magelang. 

In the Blabak area, Magelang Regency, we had lunch, ordering Kupat Tahu. There are several Kupat Tahu stalls along the road to Yogyakarta and we stopped at the blue Kupat Tahu stall. Blabak Kupat Tahu is a variant of Magelang Kupat Tahu. Regarding taste, it’s no less delicious than Kupat Tahu Magelang. 

Hotels in Yogya have implemented health protocols. When entering, body temperature is checked. There are also hand sanitizer antiseptics available in strategic places, including an antiseptic dispenser near the elevator button and inside the elevator, so guests can clean their hands after pressing them. At breakfast, guests are required to wear disposable plastic gloves. 

The swimming pool and gym at the hotel will remain open as usual. However, guests are expected to register first before using it, maybe to be able to trace when an infection occurs there. 

During the pandemic, shops and malls in Malioboro seem to be open as usual. Before the pandemic, this area was usually busy from morning to night. But on weekends during the pandemic, it looks deserted, so it becomes easy to enjoy Malioboro and is comfortable to browse batik collections in shops. 

People who come to the famous tourist spot also wear masks. Before entering the shops, visitors are required first to wash their hands. 

The traffic on Malioboro on weekends looks deserted. Likewise, traffic to Parangtritis beach. Within 50 minutes we reached the coast of the south sea. 

From a distance, the waves look high. Not a single person dares to enter the water on this beach, as swimmers have often disappeared into the sea, dragged down by the undertow. 

Along the beach were seen two fashion and pre-wedding photoshoots. When the waves started getting higher and beginning to sweep ashore, they quickly ran upwards. 

Most of the visitors to Parangtritis that day are the bride-to-be and their shooting crew. The favorite shooting location is not only near the mysterious and beautiful waves but also along the sandbanks. 

This dune is interesting because it is similar to the desert in Middle Eastern countries. About four or five couples had their personal moments captured before sunset against the background of the sea of sand. The white dress of the bride-to-be fluttered beautifully in the wind. 

With conditions approaching the desert of the Middle East, sandboarding can also be done on the Parangtritis beach. However, during this pandemic, there were no people who pumped their adrenaline by skating on the sand. (Caecilia Linggarjati)