Paramount Petals offers charming residentials in alluring colors

Paramount Petals
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Jakarta, IO – Choosing color tones for your home becomes effortless when you can find a balanced color combination. According to the Journal of Undergraduate Research, each color works as a unique stimulus. A certain color affects the subconscious mind, impacting someone’s profound psychological and physical well-being. 

As the Director of Paramount Land, M. Nawawi states that Paramount Petals, holding the slogan “Lovable Living,” has built a comfortable, beautiful, and pleasant city, one with an excellent color combination of several residential clusters. The New Aster and Canna cluster residences combine earth tone colors with white. The color combination creates an elegant and natural impression. “One of the residences you can choose is the Paramount Petals’ New Aster cluster, presenting cozy modern designs; very suitable for young families and single millennials,” he stated. 

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Therefore, it is essential to discern the right color combination in order to express a positive mood that suits every room’s function. Here are a few references for color combinations to try at home.