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PAN fully assumes opposition stance


IO, Jakarta – PAN Deputy Chairperson Ahmad Hanafi Rais dismissed his colleague Viva Yoga Mauladi’s statement that the majority of the PAN’s regional administrators wish to side with the Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin government.  

According to Hanafi, in fact, the majority of management and cadres want the party with the sun as its symbol to stand as loyal opposition to the government, remaining outside the governing coalition.  “The majority of cadres, the majority of administrators want us to remain as the loyal opposition to the government. Yes, of course, as the opposition,” Hanafi affirmed on Thursday (07/11/2019).

The statement was conveyed by Hanafi Rais on the sidelines of a working visit of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission I to Multi Media College (STMM) Jalan Magelang Km 6 Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY).

Hanafi’s declaration is in line with the stated position of the PAN DIY Regional Board (DPW) who strongly criticized Viva’s statement. Hanafi believes that the commitment of the DPW PAN DIY is the same as the attitude of other DPW PAN.

“The stance of the DPW PAN DIY is also the result of consultations with other DPWs, and I am confident we can capture the faithfulness of the administrators, PAN cadres,” he said.

“PAN does indeed maintain a political attitude in opposition to the government,” continued the eldest son of the Chairman of PAN Honorary Council Amien Rais.

While he is convinced that the majority of cadres want PAN to stand in opposition, Hanafi still leaves the Party’s decision up to the national working meeting (Rakernas) forum.

“Yes, later (the party’s final decision) at the Forum will be held at the National Working Meeting. We will hear reports, views from the DPW chairmen. Later they will hear what their aspirations are,” he concluded.  (dsy)


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