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PAN affirms selection for 2024 legislative candidates as open to all


IO – The National Mandate Party (PAN) will soon pursue selection of legislative candidates, after the confirmation of the 2024 general elections. PAN guarantees that the selection will be equally open to all groups. 

Chairman of the National Election Winning Committee of PAN Yandri Susanto said the Party warmly welcomes potential candidates from all groups and backgrounds. This is in line with the statements made by PAN General Chairman Zulkifi Hasan on many occasions regarding moderate Islam and PAN’s political direction. “PAN is a moderate party, neither to the right nor left. We are a nationalist, moderate Islamic, pluralist and modern party, and we welcome all groups,” confirmed Yandri ,at PAN’s national coordination meeting, Jakarta, Tuesday (2/15/2022).

Yandri added that PAN also opens up opportunities for young people. Many have started to align with PAN, such as professionals, activists, sports players, public figures, leaders of Islamic boarding schools, and Muhammadiyah and NU figures. 

Among the figures who have confirmed their intention to join are Gus Ahmad Abdul Qodir from Syeh Abdul Qadir al-Jailani Islamic Boarding School in Probolinggo, Muhammadiyah figure Ade Tauhid, national football player Atep and Gita Sinaga from the celebrity line. “Surely PAN will emerge with a new face and new energy in the 2024 election,” he said. 

Yandri further said that people who have no political background should not worry about joining, because PAN will provide political indoctrination after signing up. “Some training – including winning strategies and campaigning – has been prepared for before the start of the campaign period,” he concluded. (des)


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