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Pahawang Island: A Lampung hidden treasure


IO, Jakarta – Feeling confused about weekend holiday destinations? South Lampung could be the choice for any­one who needs a beautiful view as it includes Pahawang Island and its magnificent beaches. However, some things you need to take note ahead of the departure. Pahawang Island, lo­cated in Pesawaran Regency, South Lampung, recently became a favorite weekend destination for Jakarta res­idents.

Lampung Province can be ac­cessed through flights or cruising the Sunda Strait. From Jakarta, you can take a flight to Radin Inten II Airport in Bandar Lampung, then continue the journey to various local desti­nations by public/private vehicle. If you choose the sea route, you can also take a ferry from Port of Merak to Bakauheni Port; afterwards private vehicle mode is available with travel time of around three hours to Port Ketapang. From this port, take a boat for about 20-30 minutes to Pahawang Besar, with the capacity of 20-30 peo­ple priced at two million Rupiah for two days, including island hopping.

Accommodations are located only in Pahawang Besar, comprised of three main villages which provide lodging services, called Pagetahan, Jelarangan, and Cukuh Nyai. Four villas are spread out around that small village, with a price range of 2.5 – 3.5 million Rupiah per night. One villa can accommodate 15-40 people, including meals. In addition to the vil­la, there is about 50 homestays avail­able for tourists priced at 600 thou­sand – 1.5 million Rupiah per night.

“Tour or travel agencies usu­ally made agreements with local homestays for their customers; there­fore it needs to be cross-checked be­fore attempting payment,” said Saiful, Pahawang Island’s Tour Guide.

Pahawang Besar is home to ap­proximately 900 Family Heads (KK), yet according to Saiful, local author­ities can’t provide electricity as it doesn’t meet the minimum standard. “Pahawang possesses no electricity, only diesel generators, hence every villa and house takes that as the main power source,” said Saiful. Die­sel generators are usually operating all night long and will be switched off for four hours from noon to eve­ning.

Pahawang Islands are divided into two parts called Pahawang Besar and Pahawang Kecil. The bigger one is the place where people live in homestays, while the lesser island remains un­inhabited. However, Pahawang Kecil has a magnificent natural phenom­enon called ‘Broken Peninsula’, a natural bridge emergence at low tide, connecting Tanjung Putus Island and Pahawang Kecil side.

Overall, Pahawang can be visited throughout the year, but of course, there is a best period to visit.

“Actually, depends on the weather, but usually the best period is between May-August,” said Saiful.

Best to avoid when the western winds are coming. Saiful explains these are unpredictable times.

“If the west winds are big, bigger waves are coming, so the fishermen also consider the sea too dangerous. West winds are usually from Septem­ber to December, but now it’s com­pletely unpredictable,” he concluded.

Pahawang Island is a haven for snorkelling lovers as it has various underwater spots, around Pahawang Besar, Pahawang Kecil, and Kelagian Seafronts. Each one marked with a concrete board that reads ‘I Love Pa­hawang’ or something similar, which is intentionally submerged to create a new habitat for aquatic life.

No wonder that seawater animals are scattered in every snorkelling spot, including clownfish. However, visitors need to pay attention to some dangerous animals.

“Some of the animals you need to stay away from are Sea Urchins, Stone Fish, Whiptail Stingrays, Jel­lyfish, Sea Snakes, and Crown-of-thorns Starfish,” said Saiful.

If you have the opportunity to visit Lampung Province, include Paha­wang Island as part of your holiday destination. It lies in an exotic area with secluded beaches; Independent Observer obviously shares a recom­mendation for these beautiful sur­roundings as the best site to cherish your holiday time with family or rel­atives. (Aldo)


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