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Padi Reborn: successful 25th anniversary concert in Senayan


Jakarta, IO – Legendary pop band Padi held its 25th anniversary concert as Padi Reborn at the Senayan Indoor Tennis Court, Jakarta, last Saturday (20/08/2022). The Sobat Padi, their stout fans, have gathered since late afternoon, despite the gate only being opened at 19.00 p.m. WIB. Amid the show, fellow Indonesian musicians and figures congratulated the band for their 25 years of contributing to the Indonesian music scene: Noah, Andra, Dul Jaelani, Tulus, Andika of Kangen Band, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, and Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erik Tohir. 

Padi Reborn vocalist Fadly expressed his gratitude to the Sobat Padi who appeared in the show: “We are really thankful to all the Sobat Padi who came to see us today. Some of you even came from as far as Makassar, Kuala Lumpur. Thank you! And to be honest, such love kind of makes me nervous,” he laughed. 

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Fadly (lead vocals), Piyu (lead guitar/backing vocals), Ari (guitar/ backing vocals), Rindra (bass), and Yoyo (drums) gave a great 3-hour show. Senayan’s Indoor Tennis was loud with the cheers and singing of the Sobat Padi, and witnessed their dancing to beloved tunes. For its 25th anniversary concert, Padi Reborn sang both old hits (“Sang Penghibur” (“The Entertainer”), “Sesuatu Yang Indah” (“Something Lovely”), “Sobat” (“Buddy”), “Begitu Indah” (“So Beautiful”), “Harmoni” (“Harmony”), “Kasih Tak Sampai” (“Unrequited Love”)) and new songs (“Repihan Hati” (“Heart Shards”), “Menerobos Gelap” (“Going through the Darkness”)). (nhn)


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