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Ottoman’s Coffee Brewer; Turkish empire invasion in serving delicious coffee


IO, Jakarta – Indonesia as a fertile country has diverse natural resources, one of them is coffee beans. As a country that produces the best coffee beans, it is very easy for you to taste various flavors of coffee from various regions in Indonesia. One of the best coffee shop is the Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers, the owner of the tavern Harison Chandra was the champion of Indonesia Brewers Cup in 2017. As I entered the shop I found the feeling to be very comfortable with wooden décor and warm lighting, and trophies lined the walls lured me to immediately taste the flavors of coffee with a selection of coffee beans from around the world that are available there. In tune with the chosen name, Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers Coffee seemed to want to spread the virus to all corners like the Turkish Ottoman Empire in its heyday.

“We chose the Ottoman because they have historical value that we can tell.” Harison Chandra began to tell me how the Turkish empire was so inspiring.

“Wherever the king was fighting he would always make sure all the soldiers enjoyed drank coffee first. So when they won a battle-Turkey won the war with Europe- that started Turkey’s influence to the European countries. Incidentally the name of the empire was Ottoman empire at that time, Ottomans Empire “, said Harison.

He started to become a barista for himself when studying in Brisbane, Australia, Harison slowly grew to love coffee. He admits that he really dived into and learnt about coffee after opening this shop, Harison apparently is already accustomed to stage of competition, ranging from music to sports competitions. IT is no wonder if Harison was curious to taste the coffee competition stage.

The first time joinging the competition was manual (manual brew) and immediately he became the champion which was not a matter of sheer luck, but also the result of hard work. It also makes Harison as the Indonesian representative to the event World Brewers Cup (WBrC) in 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. With guidance from Tetsu Kasuya WBrC champion in 2016, Harison also managed to occupy the 7th position in the world.

“He came 2 times here, mostly to help me mainly in the matter of standards. What is sought on the world stage? How high are their standards? “Harison shares how Tetsu assists him in preparation for the world competition.

“I’m work well with Testu as Testu is not the type of person who will tell you how to do something, or you have to do so and so, he allows me to try my own way. Choose your own beans, he just gives his opinion,”  Harison said.

For the preparation for the international championship, Harison practiced for 10 to 12 hours a day. However, Harison feels he can go far in the competition thanks to the support of his entire team. After more than a year to survive in the house blend Moon Braker, Ottoman’s Coffee Brewer finally launched next house blend namely Soekarno Blend. In order to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia in August last year, Harison this time decided to use local coffee beans.

If Moon Braker uses 50% Brazil 25% Colombia 25% of Ethiopia with nuts and chocolate character in it, Sukarno Blend uses natural full of coffee beans Sunda Arumanis and Kerinci with unique flavors of coffee from the archipelago.

“Why did I choose it because Arumanis is a popular taste almost every Indonesian Like Sundanese Arumanis, but I want to add one more, which is Kerinci. I feel Kerinci has a very unique flavor. Panama actually is more like coffee. Ethiopia Panama but it is has a more strong body in coffee.” Harison said.

In addition to espresso-based beverages, Ottoman’s Coffee Brewer also provide coffee flavoring menu include: almond butter, honey latte orange, lemon honey latte, latte and coconut butter. The right kind of refreshing beverages to accompany their flagship food menu like Nasi Sambal Matah.

“We also have a heavy meal like sauced matah rice that has a different characteristic. The chilli sauce of matah rice normally uses white rice we use buttered rice instead.”, Concluded Harison rallied.

Based in Sopo Del Tower, Ground Floor, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta is very precise because if you visit the Ottoman’s Coffee Brewer to taste the pleasure of a cup of coffee dish served in a special lunch or just enjoy a meal in the Ottoman’s Coffee Brewer. (aldo)



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